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A Link to the Past: VT Randomizer


Super Metroid Varia Randomizer

Super Metroid Route Randomizer

Super Metroid Randomizer

Super Metroid Item Randomizer

Super Metroid Door Randomizer

Super Metroid Arcade : Endless mode

Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi’s Island


Welcome to The Game Randomizer Site


Welcome to our site. We are doing this site because we discovered the awesome world of game randomizers, and we want to encourage it and his creators as much as we can, so we are trying to find all ramdomizers in existence and make it available to people in a simple and organized way. Below we present you the most up to date list of randomizers on internet, Feel free to email me ( for contribute by adding gameplay and screenshots to any randomizer you have played!!, or show us a new randomizer that we dont have listed here.

Thanks to the Creators of this amazing randomizers, for give our childhood favorites a new life, this is our gratefulness.

Sincerely: Kaltenborn & Xaelm.

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What is a Randomizer ????!!!

«A randomizer its a software that takes a game and rearranges everything in it, all at random. Enemies and item locations may be shuffled, player and enemy abilities may be changed, levels could be reordered, among other, even crazier effects. This creates a brand new, never-before-seen experience every time you play.» Paratroopa